Hillview Cytology Laboratory Relocation Project
Lab Planning and Design
GLP is an architectural firm that specializes in laboratory projects. We are seasoned in all aspects of technically complex laboratory facilities including the programming, planning, and design of these environments, as well as the furnishings, fixtures and manufacturers of specialized equipment. This broad capability allows us to assist both public and private laboratory clients with very focused and efficient solutions to their teaching, research and manufacturing needs. Our experience is complemented by the thorough and conscientious preparation of lab fit-out documentation by our staff, assuring the transfer of critical program information into the final project drawings.

Over years, GLP has planned and designed over one million square feet of laboratories and related research facilities including research animal facilities, clean rooms, containment facilities, and hazardous materials storage/handling facilities for clients located throughout California and beyond. Martin Gicklhorn, the firm’s principal lab planner, has over 30 years of experience working on a wide range of technically demanding educational, institutional and corporate research building and renovation projects

What we bring to each project

• The ability to program all types of labs from conceptual design through detailed program confirmation
• The knowledge of scientific research and teaching disciplines and techniques,
• Experience with concepts of modular lab design
• Knowledge of the specialized equipment used in research and teaching
• A solid understanding of codes related to lab construction and the control of hazardous materials
• Knowledge of current lab-related energy efficiency issues
• Understanding of basic “good practice” engineering requirements of lab facilities
• The ability to understand and speak about science with the scientists

How we work

Within the framework of a project team we typically conduct program confirmation workshops to set workable modular lab arrangements based on Client requirements which utilize rational engineering service arrangements and cost effective lab layouts. Our approach is interactive; we listen and create ideas to fit our client’s needs -- rather than simply imposing our solutions. We seek to create pleasant, well designed working environments that meet the Client’s needs.

What we do

At the Program level, we work with our Client to collect data on types of labs and support spaces required, develop and tabulate room requirements, including finishes, equipment used, temperature, humidity and air exchange rates for different lab types, initial piped utilities, and basic electrical requirements. We work to establish preliminary compliance with the current codes, and we work with the Project’s Engineering consultants to establish a Mechanical System’s Basis of Design.

Our contributions beyond the Program level include continued commentary on code issues, tabulations of equipment utility requirements (in concert with the Client’s representatives), coordination of equipment requirements with the Engineering Consultant, coordination with a specialist consultant in preparation of Hazardous Material Inventories, and preparation of detailed lab furnishing drawings and specifications. All of these contributions are tempered by our experience over many years, designing many different types of labs.

Specialized Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Experience with numerous biotech/pharmaceutical labs and a wide range of other teaching and research laboratory types, together with constant work in the field of laboratory programming and design, fosters our ability to be up to date with what is current in laboratory planning.