Zepton Networks Microelectronics Facility
Sunnyvale, CA

Zepton Networks is a new 22,500 sq.ft. microelectronics facility. GLP was hired by an experienced Silicon Valley contractor to provide architectural services for their design-build team. The owner had leased one half of an existing tilt-up building that had a light industrial/office tenant occupying the other half. We created a plan for new offices, labs, clean room manufacturing (H occupancy) and exterior utility yards. The new clean rooms are aligned along a new class 1000 service corridor. This corridor has a new trench with acid waste and other drains to the exterior and has gowning vestibules. The new fab areas have class 100 bays and a large class 1000 room for the EPI tools. In between the office area at the front of the building and the clean rooms we installed a row of labs for test and development. The exterior utility yard is all new and has the support required for this occupancy. There are gas cabinets with toxic gas monitoring, custom DI skid, emergency power generator, chillers, cooling tower, haz-mat storage shed, acid waste collection, water purification and electrical main switchgear. The hydrogen and nitrogen tanks are in remote self contained yards screened from public view.