IBM - Almaden Research Center
San Jose, CA

The IBM Almaden Research Center occupies 40 acres of a 690-acre tract in the foothills southwest of San Jose. This 538,000 sq. ft. research facility consists of one major building and two small struc­tures. Buildings along the main spine contain the em­ployee entries, main lobby, au­di­to­rium, computer facility, machine shops, lab man­agement offices, central plant and cafeteria. The functions are spread along a “Main Street” to encourage interaction and chance meetings. 24-inch wide cable trays interconnect all portions of the building. This flexible system placed above accessible ceilings allows for the installation/renovation of universal wire connections, including co-axial, fiber optics, telephones, and systems of the future. This project was completed by Martin Gicklhorn while employed by MBT Architecture.

Size: 538,000 sq.ft.
Completed: 1986