Emerystation Speculative Lab Spaces
Thios Biotechnology, Kinemed And Proteom Tech
Emeryville, Ca

GLP programmed, planned and designed individual research spaces for three lab tenants in a speculative office building in Emeryville. Proteom Tech, the first tenant, had a unique need for cell culture, biology lab, cold room, and office space. KineMed then came to the building with a need for two labs, which could be accommodated in one pre-designed lab area. The third tenant, Thios Biotechnology, needed a very customized layout with vivarium, chemistry, HTS, NMR, and biology labs. We were able to program, design, and detail their 15,000 sq. ft. lab area in 14 weeks. Construction for all spaces was completed in six months.

Size: 25,000 sq.ft.
Completed: 2002