Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Palo Alto, California

The Radiology Consolidation project consists of a new 2 level addition, approximately 34,000 square feet, and renovated space in Building 100 of approximately 10,000 total square feet. The first floor addition will provide space for 2 MRIs, 2 CTs, 5 ultrasound rooms as well as a centralized patient holding area, a main reading room, offices and other Radiology support spaces .The exterior of the Radiology Consolidation project will complement the colors and materials of the existing hospital while also reflecting the nature of the building’s very specific imaging programs. A roof trellis and light monitor screens views of the roof from the patient rooms on the southeast side of Building 100. On the interior, natural light is introduced where possible to create an environment that is patient-friendly and supportive of staff. The project is expected to achieve LEED Gold equivalent. Project was designed and documented utilizing Revit BIM. Project Area: 44,000 ft2 Anticipated Completion: 2017.

Charles King was the Project Architect for this project while employed by Smithgroup JJR