Clinical Laboratory Replacement Project

Each new project is unique and presents an opportunity for us to organize ourselves and the team to meet each project’s needs. We structure each project’s process to create stability and a strong team, and also to ensure the best final results for the client. We establish one collaborative team consisting of the client representatives, designers and engineers for the duration of the project. This team process and structure has been very successful because not only does it allow us to tap into the talent and experience of each member involved throughout each phase, but also because we can actively involve all key players from the commencement of the project, investing each team member from the onset.

GLP provides a full range of architectural and related services to our clients, including architecture, interior architecture and design, and lab planning and design. At the beginning of each project, we work closely with our clients and user groups to collect data on types of labs and support spaces required and we develop and tabulate room requirements, including finishes, equipment used, temperature, humidity and air exchange rates for different lab types, initial piped utilities, and basic electrical requirements. We work to establish preliminary compliance with the current codes, and we work with the project’s engineering consultants to establish the mechanical system’s basis of design.

Beyond the program level, we provide on-going commentary on code issues, tabulations of equipment utility requirements, coordination of equipment requirements with the engineering consultant, coordination with a specialist consultant in preparation of hazardous material inventories, and preparation of detailed lab furnishing drawings and specifications.

What We Believe

Interaction: We listen to our client’s and the users’ needs and create options to accommodate those needs. We seek to create pleasant, well-designed working environments for our clients and the user groups. We conduct program confirmation workshops to set-up flexible, practical lab arrangements which utilize rational engineering service arrangements and cost-effective lab layouts.

Education: We actively support and promote excellence with on-going education. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of planning, design quality and project implementation by keeping abreast of the latest code requirements, trends, and materials.

Quality: We are committed to delivering the highest quality design and professional services. We build on our reputation for attention to detail, excellence in design execution and in-depth research. With a thorough knowledge of each client’s technical requirements and culture we can listen more effectively.

Relationships: Most of our work is for repeat clients and we work on establishing and maintaining long-term, highly communicative relationships with international corporate organizations. We believe this says a lot about our people and practice.

Commitment: Active principals direct project managers and designers who, once assigned to a client or a project, remain committed to that assignment through to the end. The architects and designers assigned to a project remain on that project through the completion. This commitment sets us apart from our competition and is integral to our design philosophy.